A special thanks to our sponsors and partners

Our Board Members

Glenn Bacheller, Raymond F. Down, Larry Hobbisiefken, Mark Paul, Terri Zuniga

Our Partners


Surf Development Company, Developer

US Treasury, Project Financing

Caelus Group, LLC Financial Consultant, Albert Luu

SolarWorld, Photovoltaic Modules

Planet Solar, System Installer

Rabobank, Construction Financing

HUD, Project Financing

Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, Construction Lender/Subcontractor

Our Sponsors


Nixon Peabody, Legal Counsel, James F. Duffy

Constellation Energy, Project Financing

A special thanks to the utility companies for system interconnection and administration of rebate program.

Pacific Gas & Electric
Southern California Edison
City of Lompoc

Also, a special thanks for local design review and approval, permits & inspection.

City of Goleta
City of Guadalupe
City of Santa Maria
County of Santa Barbara
City of Lompoc